Parents Grimace at New Transgender School Lessons


October 10, 2014 by JImbo

You just can’t make this stuff up…

Teachers Told To Refer to Children as “Purple Penguins”

They are afraid of being “gender specific?”

What is going on here?

Asking to opt out of “gendered space” is basically to say you want to opt out of reality. Our society is based on gender differences among many other things. Have they thought of what this does as the kids get older? Do we get rid of EVERYTHING gender specific?

No separate bathrooms. No separate college dorms. No separate Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts. No WNBA.

After all, where does the “transgender” athlete compete? As we know from the Olympics, transgender “women” who are bigger than most men tend to dominate womens’ sports.

If you don’t use physical attributes, then you are down to simple choice. You can CHOOSE what sex to be. I’d imagine since that’s made up in your head… then you can choose to ignore ANY physical attributes.

Hey, I’m cool with that. After all, Steve Martin did that in movie “The Jerk.”

If all it takes is the DESIRE to be a a black man… or a woman.. or a purple penguin… then what stops anyone from just choosing to be whatever they want at any point in time?

Why not be TOTALLY vague about the “children” that we’re teaching? I think they can do better than “Purple Penguins.” Those still have a species. I have the perfect solution.


You can’t get more non-descript than that. He doesn’t have a gender, race or species. Heck he doesn’t even have one permanent SHAPE! He’s just a blob of… something.

There have been plenty of guesses, but no one really knows.

I’m sure McDonalds would love to refurbish Ronald’s best buddy’s image to help the Transgender movement. He might need a bit of a makeover to be more “Progressive”

Ah, now THAT is perfect! Well except for the “Man” part. And the “Macho.” And you can’t really have “Gay” if you don’t have gender.

Oh well back to the drawing board.



2 thoughts on “Parents Grimace at New Transgender School Lessons

  1. Patrick says:

    What kind of leftist idiots control our schools?


  2. KWs says:

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    textbooks, as I found this post at this website.


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