Nail Gun Muzzleloader

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October 9, 2014 by JImbo


Don’t try this at home.

Do we need to ban nail guns now?

For that matter a nail would be pretty nasty by itself straight out of an autonailer.

OK well maybe not any nailgun.Really? Wussier than a bb gun?


Darn you Hollywood! You lied to me again!!!!

Guess it has to be one of those single shot concrete nailers with only .22 cartridges. Not the massacre weapon I was picturing. What a disappointment!

Just like shooting a gas tank with a single bullet rarely causes it to explode. Yeah, lame I know. How dare physics betray us like that.

Now an incendiary grenade on the other hand…

To say nothing of a camel and an anri-tank missile.

Not that I’d ever say anything about that.

Because that would be wrong.

And very against the rules.

And totally not awesome.

Done by some stranger whom I gave never met.


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