Chicagostan: The Ideal Military Training Experience


October 9, 2014 by JImbo

Military uses Chicago violence to train Combat Medics

That’s right. Afghanistan just isn’t dangerous enough. When the military needs to train their troops in a harsh combat zone they choose Chicago.

You remember Chicago. Where gun control has disarmed the population and created a peaceful paradise on Earth? No?

Where the economy is booming under a high tax rated and lots of government regulations? No?

Well I’m sure the Common Core and heavily unionized schools have led to soaring test scores and lots of kids going to college.No?

Then for sure it must be a drug free place with happy families and no child pregnancy issues. The budhets for those are substantially increased since Obamas Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel was elected Mayor.


Huh…. Why did we elect a Chicago politician as President again? Seems his goals for the country are the same as those for Chicago. The only difference is that Chicago is entirely Democrat so they have gotten farther ahead on their program of “Change.”

Oh well. Look on the positive side. Its veey good training for our troops heading to Kabul or Fallujah. Doesn’t get any more realistic than the real thing!


One thought on “Chicagostan: The Ideal Military Training Experience

  1. […] unless you live in Chicago. As I mentioned last week, the military is using it as an ideal military training experience. There’s plenty of gunshot and stabbing wounds to go […]


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