What’s the Matter? Chicken?


October 8, 2014 by JImbo

Yeah, you’ve probably seen this on the news. The sad thing is that this isn’t just one woman. It’s not just performance art. It’s not a Saturday Night Live skit.

It is an actual group of people who BELIEVE in that nonsense.

Direct Action Everywhere

I’m encouraged that they’re pushing for “nonviolence”… for now. Maybe it’s just my military background, but “direct action” usually has violent connotations. I guess in the world of community organizing it means protests and strikes or something.

I give them every right to speak out all they want. As long as they leave private property when asked to, then that’s fine. (Public property is another matter.)

My concern is that we’re seeing basically no protests against groups like ISIS, or trying to raise money for fighting Ebola. Why is it when PEOPLE are threatened, so many “activists” are…well… very INACTIVE?

I’m sorry Ms. Chickenlover.

There are PEOPLE getting their heads chopped off. That is disgusting and depraved.

Chicken is delicious.

Maybe you could write a book about Space Chickens coming down to Earth and all the things they do to people before eating them deep fried with a drink and a biscuit. People really dig irony and sci fi.

That might actually be kind of interesting. You might get some people to actually consider being vegans or whatever. It could make you a couple bucks too!

Just a thought.

Crying in a restaurant just makes you look like a heartless fool. I know you think we’re evil and greedy, but ignoring the plight of human beings in favor of chickens really makes YOU the tool.

Or are you just afraid of making your “peace loving” President look bad? Is that it? Is the Truth too Inconvenient for you?

Well then maybe you’re just chicken yourself.



2 thoughts on “What’s the Matter? Chicken?

  1. Patrick says:

    If I had to guess, which I’m doing, they’re all white privileged upper middle class animal liberationists. They never were hungry, faced racism or discrimination, let alone destitute.
    What happened to world peace? Or save the whales? Also they probably never had anything to do with raising animals-on a farm.


    • JImbo says:

      I’d live to take them fishing. The joy if stabbing thatvwrigglung worm clean through and watching its juices spill out as it twitches its last. But that would be OK because it feeds the fish and that’s natural right? Until I catch the fish and gut it to cook up for supper of course.
      I can’t imagine fishing for Celery or hunting for Tofu is much fun.
      And since scientists tell us that it was meat that gave us the calories to develop large brains…
      I wonder what would happen to a race of Vegans stranded for millions of years on an island or planet? Would they lose all capacity for hunting and with it the high protein sources for a large brain? That too would make an interesting story…
      I’m trying to think of a large brained herbivore but can’t really find any. Not proportionately large anyway. Maybe having to hunt prey leads to greater imagination, creativity and thought processes. After all it doesn’t take much planning to sneak up on a carrot.


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