We need $1 billion to tackle the Ebola epidemic—and we’re $600 million short

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October 8, 2014 by JImbo

No, by my count we’re giving $750 million according to our President… PLUS 4,000 troops (and that cost as well.)
Also by my calculations… since we have 1/4 of the world’s GDP, we only owe 1/4 of the funding for any international operation. We fund 1/4 of the UN for example.
So, at MOST we owe $250 million. We’ve already committed $500 million TOO MUCH!
Hey, you know what they say in the Social Justice crowd… “You need to pay your fair share!”
So, let’s see the other 3/4 of the world pay their 3/4 of the money and provide 3/4 of the medicine and 3/4 of the manpower.

Yeah, I’m looking at YOU China.
You have 1.5 BILLION people and you can only spare 20?
You’re kidding, right? You have a LARGER ECONOMY THAN THE UNITED STATES and you can’t afford to match us 1:1? (That’s right as of this year the Chinese economy is as large as that of the United States. We still have more per capita because theirs is split across 1.5 billion people… but their economy IS still larger than ours in total. Let’s see them take some responsibility for a change!)

Why no outrage about China not doing their part? Or France? Brazil? South Africa?
Fair is fair.


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