Remember when Super Man was an American?

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October 6, 2014 by JImbo


The Day I Realized that Superman is an Illegal Alien

He used to be all about Truth, Justice and the American Way.

Now he’s a “citizen of the world” or “Kryptonian.” He is NEVER now described as “American.”

Why is that?

You can be FROM anywhere and still be American. That’s the whole beauty of it. He may have come illegally.

As “Clark Kent” in any of the backstories… he IS a citizen. The first story is that he was originally “birthed” from a type of incubator space ship. After that the story was that he was “found” by the Kents and officially adopted. Superman, his alter ego IS a naturalized US citizen. He went through the process years ago. He raised his hand, swore and oath and went through the paperwork process.

He also became a citizen in the same way foreigners in the US military become Americans… they serve for so many years and they earn the privilege of becoming US citizens. I’m not sure which issue it was, but I do know that he was honored by the President and made an honorary citizen of the USA. And… every other country as well at one point at the UN. Only his service was destroying giant meteors and super villains instead of invading Iraq or Afghanistan.

Then he went nuts, resigned his citizenship and became a “citizen of the world” whatever that means. Does he pay taxes to the United Nations? Does he live in the ocean to avoid land taxes? Or on a space station? I guess maybe his Fortress of Solitude is a drifting ice berg? Technically Antarctica doesn’t have a government so he probably lives there.

I thought maybe he was upset about the global warming melting his ice home, but that can’t be right. The Arctic (northern) ice is a bit smaller this year, but the Antarctic (southern) ice is bigger than ever. So, while Santa might be pissed off Superman should be all set.

So why is he a “the Kryptonian” now and not the “Greatest American Hero?” (Not to be confused with the All American Hero from the 1970s TV show)

Maybe he just couldn’t accept the contract anymore? When you become an American it’s not just about paperwork. It’s not just a form to fill out. You aren’t just a tourist with benefits.

The difference between an American and a Tourist (or Trespasser or Invader) is that you agree to the social contract of America. You agree to live by the American ideals. You agree to put the US Constitution and all that this country stands for FIRST, before the country, culture, even religion you left behind.

You can believe in anything you want. You can worship anyway you want. PROVIDED that you still obey the Constitution and act as an AMERICAN FIRST.


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