Ten Dollars and a Dream (Weak Borders Weaken Our Country)

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October 4, 2014 by JImbo

For those who think it’s not “real” until a doctor says it…

Doctor Says Illegal Immigrant Children Likely Spreading Respiratory Diseases

I know it’s not a radical new concept. We’ve been screening legitimate, legal immigrants for these diseases for a long time. We KNOW what comes in from foreign countries without medical screenings.

I also know that people absolutely are NOT connecting “illegal” with “potentially deadly” at this point. They are thinking in purely economic or social terms.

No, it’s NOT “unfair” or “racism” to put these folks into quarantine until we can figure out what diseases they have. That is why we have an immigration policy in the first place… to find out who is coming in, with what and why. As I posted way way back when I started this blog (Mid-July), Ellis Island was not just about paperwork.

Ellis Island was a quarantine area, intentionally separated from the mainland for precisely this reason. We CAN quarantine people from Ebola countries. We CAN quarantine people from Central America.

So why aren’t we?

Our “secure border” apparently isn’t so much secure as non-existent in many places. As I told someone last night it’s not about race or origin. Disease can happen anywhere.

Are we really going to say “Oh, well that’s IRISH Ebola. Totally fine. Come on in?”

That’s crazy and to suggest that is the case or motivation is itself racist. Yes, that’s right. If you automatically assume “white folks are racist”… then that in itself is a racist statement.

If you don’t believe it look up “racism” for me. Learn how words work. Yes, that’s another pet peeve of mine. Ignorance.

Where are the “if it saves one child” people now? They’re all over the television when it’s about gun control or suing corporatons. When there are ACTUAL threats like infectious disease epidemics and global terrorism or crime by illegal immigrants you can hear the crickets chirp.

What, it’s only “if we can only save one child” UNLESS it inconveniences you or disagrees with something YOU like? There are a LOT of kids coming down with those illnesses tracing back to Central America. They’ve now been shipped around the country, distributed to “hide” in the general population so they can’t be deported easily. Embedded right in those classrooms with your kids.

Make you feel all warm and cozy? No, most aren’t infectious. Just a few. Just say 1%. I’m sure that 1% of 500,000 won’t be a major problem. A few thousand infectious kids unsupervised in the country. Next to your kids.

No worries right?

Even if they aren’t infectious, the kids are generally illiterate and unable to speak English. And thanks to “No Child Left Behind” they can’t be put in special classes or schools. They have to sit in class by your kid and if they don’t understand… well then your kid will just have to be held back as the teacher goes even SLOWER through the schoolday.

It’s not like your kid is there to learn as much as they can is it? Plenty of time to wait on the foreign kids who don’t speak the language. And probably don’t have a deadly disease.

Did I mention all the “undocumented immigrants” showing up from countries where ISIS, Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups are operating? I’m sure NONE of them are here with bad intentions. There’s no chance Al Qaeda could figure out that our southern border is open and they can just walk on in.

I’m sure Al Qaeda is still sending their terrorists into America on airlines that go through approve TSA checkpoints. Because…well, that’s what I’d do if I was running a terrorist group. Wouldn’t you?

I find it mind bogging that such incompetence is rampant in our Federal government at all levels. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised.

After all, Arrogance and Ignorance together breed Incompetence.

And breed they do… like rabbits. We’ll throw hundreds of billions at foreign wars, NSA spying on US citizens and TSA checkpoints to erode our own freedoms. Yet for 3 billion dollars I know I could have the entire southern border secure.

I’ve one the math. Using the same techniques we used in Iraq and Afghanistan it CAN be done. And pretty cheap. $3 billion comes out to $10 per US citizen.

That’s not all that expensive. We’d save more than that in just educational savings alone. Then there’s the cost of prison incarcerations of illegals, welfare benefits, even unemployment checks that wouldn’t have to be written because US citizens would be able to get those jobs that illegals are doing under the table.

We would get savings at least TEN TIMES as much as we spend on the border wall. No, not a fence. A wall. 12′ T-barrier, barbed wire, land mines, LRADs, a moat, crocodiles and Roseanne singing the Star Spangled Banner blaring outwards on loudspeakers.

I know, I know. That last one is kinda rough.

Then, on the other side there would be a LEGAL place for admission. FOUR entry points actually. One in San Francisco, one in NYC, one in El Paso, one in Niagara Falls. That’s it if you want to be a citizen. You go there, get quarantined and fill out the paperwork.

A month gives you enough time to process paperwork, get a medical checkup, and do a background check (as much as possible.)

Then you pledge an oath to the US Constitution. In English. If you don’t know it, you stay until you learn it. No waivers.

Not speaking English is okay for tourists, but if you want to LIVE HERE, then you MUST speak the language. It’s not just for fun. It’s about safety.

If you can’t communicate you aren’t a productive citizen. How will you get a job? Obey traffic signs? Find your way around? Get to the bathroom? You can’t be citizen without the ability to speak English. How can you have “free speech” if you can’t speak?

Visitors/tourists will be tracked. If you don’t check in you will be found. That’s what we have an FBI for right?

If we need more workers, there will be a “guest worker” program that works like tourism, but in the OLD FASHIONED WAY. You come here to work with someone or live with someone (a US citizen), THEY become legally responsible for you.

No welfare. No unemployment. No running away. If you commit a crime, THEY are responsible for you.

Essentially, the “guest” is a dependent of that person or business that brought them over. And, since they’re LEGALLY here now (as guests if not citizens) then they WILL get paid minimum wage. Anyone not legal will be deported and the companies fined.

That is already on the books, but I would ACTUALLY ENFORCE THE LAW. Amazing new concept, but hey I’m a radical like that. With no incentive to bring more illegals in and a system to take care of those coming in properly, there would be no reason for illegals to TRY to get here.

We are already spending billions on useless crap. Why not just redirect the SAME money on things that will actually WORK? I’d spend TEN DOLLARS for a secure border wouldn’t you?

What chance is there for a new immigrant to be law abiding if the first thing they do is break the law in coming here?


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