“Outbreak: Life After the Dead Rise” (New Book Teaser)


October 2, 2014 by JImbo

Teaser for latest in the “Outbreak” zombie series by Rob VanDusen

Book 3: “Life After the Dead Rise”

Our plucky protagonist starts to settle into a strange new world of life after the undead plague spreads across the world. An old life ends and a new life begins.

I really dig the character development seen so far. The attention to detail is still top notch and it flows easily enough when reading.

Give it a look.

The teaser is a free chapter to read so you’re not out anything =-)





One thought on ““Outbreak: Life After the Dead Rise” (New Book Teaser)

  1. Rob says:

    Also just so everybody knows, I’ve decided to run a promotion this weekend: The first two books in the series, Outbreak: Boston and Outbreak: Brave New World will be available for free from 3 October until 5 October. If you get the first two free and purchase the third one it really only costs you a dollar. Can’t beat that with a ten foot pole on a stick duct taped to another ten foot pole.


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