When is a Hate Crime Not a Hate Crime?


October 1, 2014 by JImbo

This week the gay rights groups screamed “HATE CRIME!” locally in Geneseo when a drunk frat boy told another guy at the bar something like “Hey come fight me, fag!”

Then there was a shove.

That’s about all that happened.

The LGBT crowd is pressing for charges and jail time.

Over a shove.

And slur that… to be honest… might not even apply. You see the student involved was a self-identified “trans gender female” so if you want to be technical “fag” doesn’t apply if “he” is pretending to be a “she.”

Does it?

Then of course “she” is upset that “she” was called a “he” name… although I think again technically the “she” still had boy parts. Not that the frat boy knew any of this, or most likely meant anything after the “come fight me” part.

Clear as mud yet?

Oddly, THAT makes news.

THIS (see below) doesn’t. It’s not even called a hate crime. It just passes under the radar and disappears it seems.

Three Muslims Kill Gay Teen in New Jersey


Yeah, an ACTUAL murder by people who actually said they’re doing it BECAUSE THE KID WAS GAY doesn’t count as a hate crime? What is it? A LOVE crime?

Holy shit what is wrong with this country? Why is there this huge blind spot when it comes to Islamists? Not Muslims per se, but Islamists.

I’d bet most Muslims would tolerate gay people. Hell, there was a LOT of gay stuff going on overseas. “Man Love Mondays” was not just a joke.

Well… for US it was a joke. For the locals… not so much. They were serious.

There were quite a few obviously gay guys around. I can’t say openly because they didn’t ADMIT it. Ever.

However, they were caught having sex with other men multiple times. Often in public. They just didn’t ADMIT that’s what they were doing.

I guess it’s like fight club? First rule of Gay Muslim Sex Club is you don’t talk about Gay Muslim Sex Club? *shrugs*

I don’t really care. The point is that the Muslims as a group are actually quite accepting of that lifestyle… as long as you don’t admit you are gay. A whole country in the closet isn’t about to point fingers too much, ya know?

So, the Islamists are like our Westboro Baptist Church people. Only a whole lot deadlier. And tolerated in society for some insane reason.

Maybe it’s like being gay. Maybe they just think that if you don’t admit you support the Islamists then everything will be okay? Don’t talk about Jihad and no one will know? Or it will go away?

I see that’s how our media things. Just don’t SAY terrorism and people won’t notice it’s all around us. If we don’t ADMIT that it was ANOTHER Islamist killing someone then maybe it really wasn’t? Maybe we can all just pretend it’s a random act of workplace violence again!

Gay, straight, whatever. I really don’t care. Just be HONEST about it.

And be honest about the threat we face. Be honest about how your blindness towards it only ENCOURAGES their Islamist terrorist actions. You don’t think SOMEONE in that mosque knew exactly what Mr. Nolen was up to? You don’t think at least a COUPLE of his Facebook friends read his posts about terrorism, jihad and killing infidels? Not ONE person said anything?



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