What Does a Beheading Really Look Like? (WARNING: VERY GRAPHIC!)

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October 1, 2014 by JImbo

I think it’s time people really see what a beheading looks like.

It’s not clean.

It’s not pretty.

It’s not quick.

Anyone who supports beheading must enjoy seeing others in pain. They have no mercy. There are other ways to kill someone, even the worst villain.

This is barbaric, without excuse. Beheading someone, (especially with a small dull knife!) is unnecessary and cruel. To cheer it on even more so, plus cowardly.

This is VERY GRAPHIC. But, you should watch it. See who our enemies are.

Do you think you are going to negotiate with these people? Do you think they are going to just shrug their shoulders and go home? The cowards maybe will run off and slink back to their holes.

However, the sociopath who can behead another live human being has no soul. He is not reasoned with. He must be destroyed.

Don’t tell me that the mass of Muslims in these communities must be good either. They allow this to happen. If they do not act, are they truly “good?”

The German people tried to pretend they knew nothing of the gas chambers too. Willful ignorance does not absolve you of guilt by acceptance.

This isn’t just overseas. It is now on OUR SHORES.

This is exactly what the jihadi in Oklahoma City did to his coworker.

“Just Workplace violence?”

Just like Fort Hood, huh?

You are a COWARD Mr. President.

Shame on you.



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