Is America Still Great?

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October 1, 2014 by JImbo

Is America Still Great?

The argument again came up the other night in a discussion.

When anyone asks this question, the crowd usually divides into two sides:


then there’s sometimes the more nuanced

Who’s right? Well, they both have a point…kinda. America is both a country and an idea. The idea is still great. When it’s applied it works pretty damn well.

The problem is that we don’t always practice what we preach. A government that ignores the Constitution can’t really be said to be defending the Constitution now can it?

Likewise, Freedom and Free Markets don’t work if you don’t USE them.

It’s not a free market when the government keeps new companies out of the utilities and cable TV markets.

It’s not a free market when SOME car companies and banks get bailouts but others have to fend for themselves.

Our government was formed solely in order to PROTECT OUR FREEDOMS. Expecting America to be great while preventing us from being FREE is ridiculous. You can’t honestly blame freedom or free markets for problems created by a LACK of freedom.

That’s not only wrong it’s immoral.

It’s like blaming the unused exercise bike in the corner for making you fat.

America has the ABILITY to be great. Anyone who believes in the power of freedom and free markets CAN be great. As I’ve said before, America is not about race, land or technology. It’s about FREEDOM.

You could set up a country anywhere in the world and if you followed the US Constitution it would be AMERICAN in spirit and succeed. It just takes hard work and faith.

Unfortunately, those are the two qualities least valued in our society today.



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