Feds Try to Ban Home Team


October 1, 2014 by JImbo

FCC Wants to Ban the Name “Redskins”

How the hell is this possible? I think the Skins have a REALLY good case for wrongful defamation especially since the name is historically to HONOR the first coach of the team and their roster which was over HALF Native American.

If the FCC really wants to play ball (no pun intended) then I’d be willing to give the ‘Skins a hand with research to prove just how fucked up the FCC’s position is.

They are exactly the opposite of reality. They want to penalize a team for HONORING its Native American ancestry. What next? Telling the Sioux they can’t call their land the “Sioux Nation” anymore?

The alternatives like the “Washington Senators”, they’re a lot worse. Considering that Congress is at 9% popularity, that would be a hate crime in itself!

This crap has to stop and this just might be the issue to do it on. The FCC doesn’t even to my mind have jurisdiction here. Not only is it not a “hate crime” as they claim… what right do they have to regulate language anyway?

The FCC has always been a department looking for a mission. What do they really DO for $350 million a year? Imagine that. If there were no FCC, I would be free to watch what I want and I’d save a couple bucks on my cable bill every year.

Sounds like a win-win to me.

4 thoughts on “Feds Try to Ban Home Team

  1. Patrick says:

    This would be laughable if not for a serious breach of govt. abuse of power. What right has govt. to choose a sports team name. Would they like names like tulips, sunflowers etc.


  2. JImbo says:

    It is the clearest example of censorship I’ve seen in a long time and do many people are silent on it. Where is the outrage and protests? What does the government have the TV stations that cowed into submission? Are people that asleep they can’t see the precedent this sets? The patent dept already pulled their legal “rights” to the name. That is a violation of sacred trust. You can’t just take someone’s patent or trademark because you don’t like them! You can’t just say “Coke, screw you. I like Pepsi.” You can’t just say “Your music sucks Katy Perry so were taking all rights to it away from you..or you can’t sing. We forbid it.”
    This isn’t just some joke. It is a serious abuse of power. This must be challenged.


    • Patrick says:

      Saw a report on Fox of course. 80% of american indians were ok with the name. It was an old poll 2002. Also over 605 of reg joes were ok with it now. Political correctness gone awry.


  3. Patrick says:

    Sorry 60% for above.


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