FBI: “Still Investigating Islamist Connection”


September 27, 2014 by JImbo


So they “aren’t sure if he was a Muslim?”

The FBI has to “check to make sure?”


Seems pretty clear to me that calling ISIS members “My Muslim Brothers” is a clear message as to what side you’re on.

The fact that he was fired for “aggressively preaching on the job” also seems pretty straight forward for motive. Calling your coworkers “infidels” then coming back to behead them after watching ISIS videos…. not a lot of leeway there.

I understand doing your “due dilligence.” They’re a “suspect” until proven guilty. Etc etc. Just…wow.

33 Things Learned from the Oklahoma Murderer’s Facebook Page

6 thoughts on “FBI: “Still Investigating Islamist Connection”

  1. Patrick says:

    Looks like this poor fellow had some school issues, spelling comes to mind. Maybe the FBI is looking for like minded people he hung around with? I would. To bad he wasn’t killed by his ex boss. We really don’t need to spend money defending him.


    • JImbo says:

      It’s not even really Islam per se. It’s Islamist radicalism. An American who is also a Christian isn’t a problem. However, someone who wants to blow people up in the name of Jesus and ignore American law most definitely is a threat.
      The same is true of Islam. You can be an American and a Muslim. Or, a part of any other community. However, the minute you embrace violence and put that terrorism above your nation, community and family… then you are an Islamist.
      There were plenty of good Germans who believed in German Nationalism and just wanted to defend their country and families. Then there were Nazis, for whom it was an obsession to a cult following.
      We can’t lump ALL Muslims together with the Islamists. However, much like the Nazis, groups like ISIS and Hamas come to power when the good people do nothing and silently allow the radicals to breed hate in the community.


  2. JImbo says:

    Good point.
    Maybe it’s not Islam we should be worried about, it’s illiteracy?


  3. […] Source: FBI: “Still Investigating Islamist Connection” […]


  4. Patrick says:

    As an addendum the story, I heard his Imam described his actions as foolish. Foolish would not come to my mind at all. Maybe he needs watching for radicalism, I don’t believe it all comers from social media.


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