Assaults on Soldiers on the Rise

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September 27, 2014 by JImbo

Man Insults and Assaults Soldier in Wal Mart

This video is from last year. There has been a lack of reporting on this in the media, but it’s becoming very well known to soldiers. We are now instructed not to wear our uniforms out in public, take all identifying military markings off our cars (bumper stickers, parking stickers, etc) and to only go out in groups.

I know it sounds paranoid, but there have been three incidents in the last 10 days alone in just this local area. A couple were just threats of violence. One involved a long chase and a severe beating with a pipe  by multiple assailants. All local soldiers.

The incidents all involved very clear threats and insults about military service. They were not random. They were not personal grudges.

They were direct attacks on soldiers simply BECAUSE they are soldiers. I don’t know why they’re not reported more. They are happening. Maybe it’s bravado (what macho guy likes to admit they were threatened or beaten up?) And perhaps the foreign nature of the attackers or their religion played an inconvenient role.

Regardless, it is happening. A lot. And soldiers are feeling under the gun.

We can’t do it alone folks. If you see something or hear something, let someone know. I’m not talking about political speech. I’m not talking about “I don’t like war, man.” That’s normal. That’s healthy free speech.

I’m talking about a death threat or a physical assault. We put up with this shit enough overseas. We don’t need it in our back yard while home here in the states.

Keep vigilant. If you’re even family or kin or just friends with someone in the military, keep your eyes open. Now is a good time to thank a soldier (or sailor, airman, marine etc) for their service.

I know I hate getting the whole “Thank you for your service” but right now the troops need to know the public has their back. It’s not just cops who are under the gun (pardon the pun.)

Not to belabor a point, but the word isn’t getting out. Our guys are used to being the heroes. Now they’re suffering in silence.

The authorities reasonably don’t want to scare people. I get that. However, if you say nothing then this shit will keep happening. I know it’s not politically correct to point fingers, but when someone says something like “You bomb my country, I punch you in the face, soldier” it’s pretty clear what the motivation is.

This doesn’t have to be a huge deal. Don’t freak people out. Just use your head and support the troops.Be vigilant.

I’m not a huge fan of the current fiasco in Syria, but it’s not MY choice or that of ANY of the guys with me what the government has us do. It’s our job. Wanna call us baby killers and murderers, hey have at it. It’s a free country (although I had thought that ended with Vietnam. Guess not.)

I draw the line at death threats and physical assault.That cannot be tolerated. Soldiers are a tiny minority… the tip of the spear. It is up to every citizen to do their small part to make a difference, to speak up and to stand for what they believe in.

This is not free speech. It’s intimidate and assault. It is criminal and it must stop.

Despite what the politicians and apologists say.


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