Keeping Myself Occupied 2011


September 24, 2014 by JImbo

The whole “Flood Wall Street” fiasco in New York City recently reminded me of the last time the same Reds and Greens (Socialists and Environmentalists) got together for a circle jerk against capitalism and freedom.

The original “Occupy Wall Street” had its humorous moments.

So, let’s turn the dials back in the Way Back Machine to those sunny, halcyon days of 2011… back when we were still out of Iraq and the iphone 6 was a twinkle in Bill Gates’ eye.




Ah, was it THAT long ago? My how time flies…


And that concludes your trip down memory lane.

I hope you enjoyed your journey.




4 thoughts on “Keeping Myself Occupied 2011

  1. We have to have another $200 thousand war to shed one deep left arm dictator.


  2. nylon material stockings are required with your only different being in the summertime months.


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