US Army to Deploy Division Headquarters to Iraq


September 23, 2014 by JImbo

US Army Division Headquarters Deploying to Iraq

I thought this was a joke at first. No, it’s from the Army Times and Pentagon sources.

It’s legit.

It means a LOT of “boots on the ground” too. You don’t send a DIVISION HQ over unless you need to support a lot of troops. The HQ itself is a few hundred soldiers.

However, it’s the support personnel (supply clerks, mechanics, cooks, etc) for a force of up to 16,000 troops.

There are other assets you can deploy if you want a coordination element. Brigades (3,500 troops) have a smaller headquarters as part of them. Battalions (300-500 troops) have even smaller headquarters as part of them.

They chose to send a DIVISION headquarters. They haven’t said which one, but it doesn’t really matter. Divisions HQs are made to support up to FOUR Brigades of 3,500 troops apiece… or more.

Granted they haven’t announced a whole division moving…yet. However, why would you send a support element over that is for a force TEN TIMES what is over there now? Seems a bit of overkill don’t ya think?

Another interesting tidbit… there is already another Brigade sized force in Kuwait with their full support staff if they really needed just a few reinforcements. That force wasn’t touched.

No, this is a new force… and it looks like it’ll be a LOT bigger. You don’t send a Division Headquarters for “a few advisors” or “a couple special forces guys.” How many troops does it take before we admit there are “boots on the ground?”

I was strangely enough talking with a Nam Vet before I saw this in the news. He was just saying that this smelled a lot like that. Same lines, same slogans, same promises.

How long did it take to go from “advisors” to the first Division Headquarters? It took about three years for us to get from a “few advisors” up to a division back then. We might go from “couple hundred” to a full division in three MONTHS this time!

So maybe it’s not like Vietnam. It’s FASTER!

Plus there’s no beer this time….


3 thoughts on “US Army to Deploy Division Headquarters to Iraq

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