Freedom Fest and Wayne County Libertarians


September 23, 2014 by JImbo

It is rewarding to see people come out if their shells and get passionate about something important.
Good luck Wes.

Silent Panda Review

This weekend was huge. I didn’t mention it on here, but, this weekend was “Freedom Fest,” a rally in Wayne County predominantly orchestrated by my friends Kevin and James (insert shameless plug for James’ outstanding blog “The Readneck Review” here), with help from myself and several other amazing people (Rob, Eamon, Mark, Stephanie, and an outstanding DJ named Geoff). This wasn’t an “issue” rally. We weren’t there because “Obama gon’ take MAH GUNS!” (I’m more worried about Cuomo with that, anyway) We weren’t there because “the rent is too DAMN HIGH!” We were there because we are Americans- first and foremost. We were there because we believe in the Constitution and individual liberty. And we believe that coming together to make a better tomorrow is important.

One of the things that made this rally special for me, was the fact that it was almost entirely advertised through…

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2 thoughts on “Freedom Fest and Wayne County Libertarians

  1. citizennp says:

    Congratulations!! Great to see the turnout- lot of thirsty citizens out there


    • JImbo says:

      We are going to try to capture that energy and get people reinvolved in the local political process. Already 21 people have joined our County Libertarian group.
      Working on getting it set up and officially recognized. The younger crowd us actually spearheading it this time around. As it should be. The energy they are tapping into is contagious. Thanks for the support. Hope others in their communities are doing the same.


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