Democrat Politicians in New York Prepping for Illegal Amnesty and Benefits Bill

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September 22, 2014 by JImbo

Democrat Politicians in New York Prepping for Illegal Amnesty and Benefits Bill

Obviously I don’t have much more information on this because:

a) the bill isn’t entirely written yet,


b) the politicians in Albany are NOT going to tell us ANYTHING about it. They know the majority of New Yorkers DO NOT WANT AMNESTY FOR ILLEGALS. It’s a killer in the polls, even for Democrats.

So, they’ll try to get the Senate back from Republicans. If they do, they’ll then slip this through quietly at 3am in the morning after the reporters have left in closed-door sessions.

That’s what happened with the last round of gun control. They violated the NY Constitution by NOT putting it out for people to read and by NOT allowing anyone in to see/hear the votes or even know when the vote was happening.

But…well, since the Governor controls the judges… and he wanted it to pass… let’s just say the cases were dismissed faster than line at Wal Mart on Foodstamp Friday.

If THIS passes, I think it may lead to a revolt. Before there have been large protests against one issue or another (Fracking, Gun Control, Police/Civil Rights Violations, etc)

However, on THIS issue a Supermajority (well over 2/3, more like 3/4) of the state is SOLIDLY AGAINST. Black, White, Asian, Man, Woman, Jew, Christian, Muslim…

Even in the Socialist State of New York there aren’t really that many outright “Progressives” pushing this outside of Albany. They have power more because they have solid voting blocks of low information voters.

Black voters for example often vote party line. They don’t look beyond color much. Sad, but true. The numbers don’t lie. When 95% of one race votes for one party that screws them repeatedly with bills like this, that’s not educated voting. It’s race baiting and corrupt politicians tricking a politically uneducated population.

You don’t see Whites or Asians or Native Americans voting 95% one party or even on most issues. If they did they’d be called racist! Why is it “expected” that Whites will be split down the middle Republican/Democrat but that Blacks will “of course vote 95% Democrat?”

Taking advantage of a politically ignorant group like that? Tricking them into voting against their own interests?THAT is what’s racist.

Supporting more illegals into this country is gonna hurt Blacks even more than anyone else. They have the most proportion of their population in lower wage jobs competing directly with illegal immigrants. Plus, as illegals come in and get on welfare there are fewer dollars to go around. Whose benefits get cut to spread it around more? Then on top of that, the illegals are often going to the same poor schools the Blacks go to, meaning that not only are they having to teach with less money compared to more affluent suburban schools… the classes are larger, resources even more stretched, and the KIDS DON’T SPEAK ENGLISH!

Since we have “No Child Left Behind” that just means that the class has to go that much SLOWER so as not to leave the non-English speakers behind. Why would Black New Yorkers willingly vote for more job competition, fewer benefits, and worse schools in their neighborhoods?

The answer? They wouldn’t. Not if they knew what was going on. The key is that they don’t. For most of the poor Black population, the election is a once every few years event with zero follow-up.

Do you really think the folks they vote for are keeping them apprised of what they’re doing? HELL NO! Are they going to advertise they’re giving free stuff to illegal immigrants? No, that’d get riots started.

And since the Democrats (closely followed by the Republicans) in New York are only second in corruption to Chicago there’s no reason to have the voters get TOO involved now is there? Charlie Rangel for example had about 30 or 40 felony counts against him… and has been re-elected every time easily!

Apparently the voters in his district just don’t give a crap. They’re okay with his voter fraud, bank fraud, corruption, embezzlement, tax evasion and other assorted crimes. Hell, some of them go to PRISON and they STILL STAY IN OFFICE!

So, to get back to the original point I don’t expect this to affect the election. The Democrats are gonna get re-elected through sheer simple ignorance.

However, if they try this amnesty push they just might find that folks… especially BLACK FOLKS are gonna wake up mighty quick. Start taking their jobs, benefits, and educational opportunities and you’re gonna have riots.

On this issue at least they’ll be united with most of the rest of New York. There will be HUGE rallies. I hope there won’t be violence. Depends on how ham-fisted Governor Cuomo is.

He hasn’t made any friends. In fact in the Primaries his opponent, an unknown named “Zephyr Teachout” polled about 40:60 against him, even though he had over THIRTY TIMES AS MUCH MONEY as well as name recognition since his father was the former governor!

Don’t expect them to support the Republican in the election, but the Democrat voters have no love for Cuomo. Given another month of campaigning or twice as much campaign funds (or the support of ANY Democratic leadership) and Teachout could have won!

Now add to that a hot wire issue like illegal amnesty? And another round of gun control that the politicians are already hinting at?

It won’t be pretty.



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