Training Afghan Soldiers


September 21, 2014 by JImbo

So our strategy against ISIS will be to “Train the locals and let them handle it?”

Give them dangerous weapons and depend on their expert training and initiative?

It ends up EXACTLY like this.

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Been there done that.
And this is just teaching them to do jumping jacks.
Now imagine what they’re like on the rifle range.
Or with heavy weapons.
And worst of all… driving.
How can this plan possibly fail?

4 thoughts on “Training Afghan Soldiers

  1. Patrick says:

    On the a.m. news today it seems 3 Afghan trainees have gone missing here at home. They went on a mall shopping trip and disappeared from a U.S. base. I guess there was no chaperone. Oh, but its OK they were all vetted we are told. A spokesman said maybe they got lost, we are hoping they show up later. Really, are you kidding?


    • JImbo says:

      Folks have been emailing me about it. I dunno what to make of it without more information to go on. The last couple times that’s happened it’s turned out they just “didn’t feel like training and went on vacation instead.”
      Seriously. They found one group I believe in Niagara Falls sightseeing and another was trying to “get to the Grand Canyon for the weekend.”
      It’s not that unusual for soldiers to just “wander off” for days or weeks. I kid you not. It’s just accepted that you have to put twice as many people on the guard roster because half of them might be awol because they didn’t feel like going to work.
      Different culture.
      Given the climate hell yes we should find them ASAP. But, I wouldn’t sound the alert sirens yet. Frankly if I knew I was about to be shipped back to Afghanistan I’d want some extra leave in the United States too!


      • Patrick says:

        The Afghans were intercepted at the Canadian border according to a post that popped up on my site. I cracked up laughing at that!


      • JImbo says:

        Probably sight seeing.
        I won’t totally rule out nefarious purposes until I hear more, but… yeah that’s happened before.


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