Radical Leftist Terrorist Attacks “Moderate” Democrat Politician’s Office….AGAIN.


September 21, 2014 by JImbo

Radical Leftist Terrorist Attacks “Moderate” Democrat Politician’s Office…AGAIN

Interesting response by people on the web page.


It clearly says that he is an (admittedly confused) Socialist/Progressive/Anarchist LEFTIST who in his own words wanted to punish a Democrat politician for not being LEFTIST ENOUGH.

And somehow it’s a “Right Wing” conspiracy?

I don’t get what they hope to accomplish with such derogatory and angry hate-filled rhetoric either.

Some posts from just that one article:

“Look at the stupid white trash conservative idiot who is too stupid to know conservative militias have been talking about intersection and they hate the Federal Tearsurty.”

(I guess they’re talking about the reporter who wrote the article?)

“The extreme right in the United States has long had a fascination with paramilitary groups.”

(Not sure how that applies even if it were true…)

“What can you expect from people who still believe that stand-down order was issued?”

(You mean Benghazi? An order to not assist was issued. The CIA chief on the ground admitted it. If you have your facts wrong… who is the ignorant one?)

“All the conservative idiots out showing us the effects of intergeneration inbreeding on intelligence. How can you be as stupid as you are and survive?”

(Ouch. That’s pretty nasty….and stereotypical…and ignorant. Wow, the trifecta!)

“Conservative must be held accountable for their ignorance and lying.”

(Where exactly? None of you have even TALKED about the news story about the Leftist Anarchist Terrorist.)

Is it just how online “debate” works? Are these people anything like this in real life? I spent a fine weekend with people of all sorts of races, religions and backgrounds who had a GREAT time together.

Why would anyone want to spread so much hate and division?

I just don’t get it.


One thought on “Radical Leftist Terrorist Attacks “Moderate” Democrat Politician’s Office….AGAIN.

  1. Patrick says:

    There must be a market for it. Still nice to see conservative reporting is rated way above all the other networks, combined.


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