American Islam- a “New Islam?”


September 21, 2014 by JImbo


American Muslims March Against ISIS


You don’t see enough of this, but it’s a start. I wonder what would happen if someone came up with a “New Islam” kind of like how Christianity has a “New Testament” and the Mormons have a “New Book of Mormon.”

The Bible has been lots of times. We recognize that it’s Written by Man, Inspired by God… not literally “Written By God” as they do in Islam. All it would take is a popular, peaceful Muslim or group to start a “Revised Quran” without all the Jihadist and Sharia crap.

This would do two things. First, it would make the religion compatible with Western culture. It’s currently not. Peaceful Muslims can SAY they’re all about peace. And, yes most of them are.

However, they can only BE peaceful by ignoring parts of the Quran about Jihad and killing the “Infidels.” In other words, they have to be “Bad Muslims” to be “Good Americans.”

That’s crap. They shouldn’t have to CHOOSE between the two. It’s not fair to them or us. I think this change would make it MUCH more followed, leading to greater faith not less.

Second, by going back to basics the Shi’ite, Sunni and other sect splits would disappear. Many previously separate Muslim communities and sects would be able to join the NEW, PEACEFUL Islamic sect and leave the division and hatred behind.

Think about that. Uniting for Peace from their divisive, hate-filled past. Like I said, MOST Muslims don’t like those parts anyway but they figure they’re stuck with them.

But, Christians do it. We don’t insist on sticking to all the Old Testament rules. They were modified by the New Testament so we’re not still killing people left and right for small slights. It’s no longer as big on punishment as it is on love and peace.

Of course the radical Islamists would try to destroy any attempt to do this as they have before. Even SLIGHT deviations from their intolerant creeds are met with death. This would be a huge leap of faith.

But, it’s about time. I think enough people have died. If only a “Martin Luther” figure could come forward to reform the Islamic faith.

I don’t mean to be submissive or intolerant about this. I really don’t care if the Peaceful Muslims are just “Bad Muslims” as long as they’re “Good Americans.” I’m not telling them what to do. They don’t have to convert to anything. Just don’t screw with anyone and we’ll leave each other alone.

I’m just wondering… what if?


One thought on “American Islam- a “New Islam?”

  1. Patrick says:

    They need to update their “Bible” like Christians did with the New Testament, King James version. It was an eye for an eye like the Koran. IT became very tame after Jesus teachings.


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