Heritage or Hate?

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September 19, 2014 by JImbo

Probably the most divisive symbol in American culture today is the Confederate Flag. The ol’ “Stars ‘n Bars” has started many a bar fight and court fight since the days it was on the battlefield last. (Well I know it’s been ON the battlefield since then. This is definitely it on a uniform from Vietnam that’s in the Camp Shelby Military Museum.)


However, the Confederacy hasn’t existed for nearly 150 years. Why is it still around? Why do we see it so often?

confederate_flag_tattoo_8General Lee

It’s not just the South either. All around the country it’s used as a symbol of being a “redneck.” Is that fair? Is it right?

Ask this guy.

2012 Redneck Games


He seems pretty upset at such a racist symbol to me.

I think like all symbols, it is what you make it. It’s going to be whatever people WANT to see in it. To some it’s a symbol of hatred. To others it’s a symbol of resistance against oppression. Is either one “right?”

What do you think?

Do you think it truly symbolized “redneck” culture?

Does it help or hurt our image?

Is it a symbol for racism or freedom?


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