The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy


September 18, 2014 by JImbo

“ISIS War Bill in Congress Focuses on Toppling Assad, Not Destroying ISIS”

That’s especially true since the groups they want to supposedly arm have signed a truce with ISIS in order to FIGHT ASSAD TOGETHER.

I’m all for fighting Radical Islamists and WINNING.

This is NOT the way to do it.

In fact, this will set us back greatly.


Because our President has backed the overthrow of every secular government in the region that was helping us fight terrorism.

Our government supported the attempted overthrow of the governments of:

Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Egypt, Jordan, Yemen, Qatar, Kuwait and Syria.

ALL of those countries were actively FIGHTING Radical Islamic terrorists. Our government helped organize and support the “Arab Spring” riots in those countries to support the Muslim Brotherhood.

Our president is on record calling those governments “dictators” and “undemocratic.” So, we helped them get kicked out of power. The replacements were virtually all Muslim Brotherhood figures.

In other words, Radical Islamists. However, President Obama and his advisors think those are “good” guys. They think they’re “Freedom Fighters.” So, HIS terrorists are okay. The OTHER terrorists are “bad.”

It’s like the police chief giving guns to the “Bloods” street gang if they agree to fight the “Crips.” It’s not a good idea in Chicago. It’s not a good idea in world politics either.

Fortunately for us the Egyptians, UAE, Yemen and a couple other countries have come to their senses and REJECTED the Muslim Brotherhood “candidates” our operatives put into power.

Egypt in particular has cracked down on terrorists… ALL terrorists, including the Muslim Brotherhood. Our president is trying to cut off aid to them and ostracize them.

In response, the Egyptians under their newly elected, non-Muslim-Brotherhood government allied with the UAE (United Arab Emirates) to bomb terrorist targets in Libya.

Yes, those same terrorists that blew up our “Embassy” in Libya. The ones we somehow couldn’t find standing in plain sight and getting interviewed in television. Again our president fumed at their actions because they ALSO blew up Muslim Brotherhood “good terrorist” targets.

(If you’ve been reading this blog for awhile you know the link between the “embassy” (gun smuggling CIA base) in Libya and the arming of the Free Syrian Army.

Yes, the ones that supposedly we’re “voting on arming.” Why bother? We already ARE. In fact, we have confirmed that those weapons are in ISIS hands now in Iraq. The whole vote is a red herring.

They were already armed. Then ISIS kicked their ass and took the weapons. The ones that weren’t taken by force were handed over voluntarily as many of the Free Syrian Army “rebels” defected to ISIS.

This is just political cover so the President can say “Well you SAID I could arm them!” later. Right now it’s still illegal to arm the Syrian rebels. Congress up to this point has NOT said it was okay to give them weapons… but we have been since 2011… off the books.

Reporters have shipping manifests and dates from Libya to Turkey to Syria. It’s not conjecture. This is all a smokescreen.

Anyway, back to my main point. If we take Assad out of power, we eliminate ANOTHER leader fighting terrorism. Who will take his place? EVERY group against him is Radical Islamist. EVERY group against him is a terrorist group.

How is that an advantage for us? What do we gain from that? And do we really think Russia will sit back ad do NOTHING while we take out their key ally in the region?

Would you? Would we sit back and let Turkey be destroyed by Russian bombing? Would we sit by and let Russia arm anti-American terrorists? We’ve accused Russia of “tampering in the Civil War” while we are now planning to openly arm the Rebels against Assad? Can you say “hypocrite?” What stops Russia from directly intervening now that we’re using our own aircraft and soon ground forces there?

This is all around a BAD IDEA. That should be obvious to everyone by now. Yes ISIS are bastards, but are you willing to RISK WAR WITH RUSSIA over it? While at the same time NOT HURTING ISIS?

In fact, doing the OPPOSITE makes sense. Stay OUT of Syria. LET Russia send them weapons. Assad has been fighting ISIS on his own, for FREE.


If we let Assad blow up ISIS in his own country, while we blow ISIS up in Iraq they will be hit on two sides and destroyed. Isn’t that what we want?

The LAST thing we want to do is fight Assad right now. Ask yourself why. Why is our President SO focused on fighting Assad and not ISIS?

And what would YOU do if you were Russia, or if Russia were doing the same thing in Central America or the Caribbean?

The Pope just might have a point this time. He pointed out the difference between attacking ISIS terrorists and overthrowing the Syrian government. This could easily lead to war with Russia. This is a direct attack on their last powerful ally in the Middle East, very near their borders.



One thought on “The Friend of My Friend is My Enemy

  1. Patrick says:

    I really haven’t been able to figure out the pres. overall strategy. He jumps all over at will, or whatever the masses feel at the time. He should do what is right for the country, not helping dems. win reelection. Let them go eventually they will kill each other off, Shiites & Sunnis. Then go in and eliminate the leftovers.


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