Overexposed and Overreactive


September 17, 2014 by JImbo

It’s rare to run across people during the day who are up on the current events. Sometimes they know something about what they saw on TMZ or Facebook. Even then, they usually get the details wrong.


People are reactionary by nature. They see something and they respond. Increasingly, they don’t think about it either, they just react on instinct. Often it’s the WRONG response because the information is WRONG.

Part of it is that there are SO many screaming headlines out there that people rarely read beyond the headlines on their own. They expect others to sift through it for them. Then they depend on those people for “facts” even when they’re humorously wrong (John Stewart, Bill Maher, Chelsea Handler, etc)

Part of it is that we are a society that extolls speed over accuracy. Often those two are at odds. The facts simply aren’t all available when a story first breaks.

Inevitably, many of the “facts” turn out to be wrong. New information comes to light. Further review brings new revelations.

Sometimes it’s simply unintentional. In the quest to be FIRST in the news business, you don’t get it all in time. Other times, it’s intentional.

After all, many stars and media savvy types know how society works. They know that if they’re first and loud, they’ll be heard. Few if any folks are going to go back and check the story.

Take the Danielle Watts story for example. She’s the actress from the movie “Django Unchained.”

HER side of the story was a teary-eyed accusation that some NYPD officer harassed her and called her a hooker because she and her white husband were kissing in public. He was “obviously racist.”

It wasn’t until much later that the cop’s story came out… backed up by video. Apparently she and her husband weren’t just “kissing.” They were HAVING SEX IN PUBLIC.

(I know I’ve brought this up before in a different post.)

At that point, it doesn’t matter what race you are. It’s illegal. You get arrested.

What about the Benghazi story? Virtually NOTHING first reported on that… and advanced by the White House to this day… is true. It wasn’t a “random attack” on a “US embassy” by “unarmed protesters” who were “angry about an internet video.”

It was a heavily armed, well planned attack on a CIA compound illegally smuggling weapons. The facts are pretty clear now. Have you heard the full story being reported now?

Nope, the White House was smart. They got the story out first and loudly. The facts that came out later were ignored. They still are.

What about the Ray Rice story? You can believe it’s never right to hit a woman. That’s fine.

However, left out was the part before that where SHE HIT HIM and then SPIT IN HIS FACE. He took it for awhile. Then he hit her back. Once.

I’m not saying it was right. However, SHE MARRIED HIM RIGHT AFTER THAT. Isn’t it HER choice if she was wrongly assaulted or not?

As a woman I talked to today put it:

“Don’t expect a man to be a gentleman if you ain’t gonna be a lady.”

I guess that’s what gender equality gets you. If you want to be just like a man, you get hit just like a man…. After you punch him first. That would seem to be a perfect example of feminism wouldn’t it?

We’re not getting the whole story. We’re getting the first, loudly yelled rash conclusion. Usually it’s wrong.

I’m not sure how to fix it honestly. Media outlets are rewarded for being “first” not being accurate. Those who yell loudly like the system because they’re learned how to game it. Meanwhile, actual facts have lost out.

We have the power to change that. We control the market. If we demand better news with accurate facts, that’s what they’ll give us.

The question is… are you willing to wait? Will you put your money where your mouth is? Or is it just easier to skim the headlines and not question it?






One thought on “Overexposed and Overreactive

  1. Patrick says:

    Sadly with all the news channels we have the race to be first will usually win out. Facts will come out later, mostly piecemeal. It also will be bent toward a bias slant. Pro or Con.


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