What Zefram Cochrane Can Teach Us About Global Innovation: Don’t Be a Dickhead


September 16, 2014 by JImbo

I like this kind of quirky.
Although if you really want someone to kick ass I’d suggest Chuck Norris (fiction) or Andrew Jackson (non fiction). Of the two my money is still on Andrew Jackson. He shot people in duels. He whipped the British and Indians. He said his greatest regret in life was NOT shooting his vice president for sassing back.
How he hasn’t gotten a movie yet still puzzles me.

nudge. wink. report.

As the NWR offices stir from the first, morning sunlight, I sit here, alone, at my rickety desk my boss found in the alley behind the bar and think of the world in which I live and wonder if I would ever have meaningful conversations with Star Trek characters — specifically Zefram Cochrane.

James Cromwell knows of what I speak. He portrayed him in Star Trek: First Contact.


After watching that movie and falling in love with this abnormally, vertical man with the hottest Adam’s apple around and who made me swoon over his line, ‘That’s rhetorical nonsense. Who said that?’ I was forever bound to this fictional character who is brilliant, drinks like a fish and would totally punch Bill Gates in the nuts because he’s Zefram Cochrane and he gets to do that.

But would Zefram Cochrane really want to hurl swingyfists at Gates’ testicles–a couple of the…

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2 thoughts on “What Zefram Cochrane Can Teach Us About Global Innovation: Don’t Be a Dickhead

  1. Patrick says:

    He did get a movie. The Presidents Lady,1953. He was played by Charleton Heston. Of course it wasn’t historically accurate.


  2. JImbo says:

    For 1953 I think historically accurateight have offended too many people. 🙂


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