She Said, They Said, He Said


September 16, 2014 by JImbo

More to Django Actress’s Police Harassment Than First Reported

I thought there was more to it than “you’re black and he’s white so you must be a hooker.” Indeed there is. The couple wasn’t just “making out and kissing” in public.

They were getting it on.

In public.

And THAT is why the cops were called.

Then it seems the old “do you know who I am” card was played. And, had there not been video it probably would have worked. After all who do you believe when the story is played like it was in the media?

A poor helpless black woman or a racist cop on a power trip?

There are always more than one side to the story. Not saying the cops are always right but at least tell BOTH sides of the tale.

Unfortunately in this highly charged environment if racial tensions and police surveillance the first casualty seems to always be the truth.


2 thoughts on “She Said, They Said, He Said

  1. Patrick says:

    Yes, having sex in public during daylight hours might give the wrong impression.


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