#DemocratTShirts Theme


September 15, 2014 by JImbo

The latest theme on Twitter and Facebook is creating new T-shirt slogans for Democratic Voters.

(If you want to see how it works, just type #DemocratTShirts into the search bar and every time that’s put in a post, it shows up. You get quite a list!)


If you’re a Democrat, don’t get offended.

I’m sure the #RepublicanTShirts theme will be next.

or make it up yourself!

I tried a few.

If you pay taxes you dont pay enough. If you don’t pay taxes, demand more! #DemocratTShirts

It aint a war till a Republican is in the White House


Abortion isnt racist. Anyone living in a black community can get a free one #DemocratTShirts

If you thimk you have a better solution than a bigger government, stop thinking. #DemocratTShirts

I used to have an opinion. Then the IRS took that too.


This country is sick of the Tea Party. No one drinks tea anymore. We need a Grape Drank Party


Regime Change is the only Change you need!


Our politicians aren’t quite as bad as your politicians.


Romney in 2016: Because they don’t call it the Brown House now did they?


All the spending, half the taxes!


Give it a shot!

Either/or… Democrat or Republican.

I personally have no use for EITHER party so I’m easy =-)




3 thoughts on “#DemocratTShirts Theme

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  2. Chai says:

    These are fantastic

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