Why Shouldn’t Wonder Woman Be a Kryptonian?

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September 14, 2014 by JImbo

I kinda think of Wonder Woman as the epitome of womankind. Kind of like Captain America wasn’t bulletproof or couldn’t fly either. He was just the epitome of the ultimate ideal man (genius brains, olympic athlete, etc)

Dan Mishkin

A rumor that recently hit the Internet suggested there might be a new back story for the Wonder Woman who’ll show up in the next Superman movie: that the Amazons she belongs to are descended from the Kryptonians–the ancient spacefarers who, according to Man of Steel, tried to set up outposts of their civilization on various worlds millennia ago.

Turns out this started with idle chat from someone unconnected to the movie, whose guesses are about as good as yours or mine. But after reading the goggle-eyed, hair-on-fire, head-exploding reactions that the original rumor ignited, I really have to ask:

Why shouldn’t Wonder Woman be a Kryptonian?

Among the many dreadful, stupid reboots and retcons that have shown up in superhero comics and in their film and television incarnations, this isn’t half bad. It’s certainly better than what I heard from a TV producer whose interest in Amethyst…

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