Straight as an Arrow


September 12, 2014 by JImbo

More additions to the odd and confusing signage I’ve found.

This time painted on the street.

Maybe y’all can help me figure these out.


Ummmm… which way do I go? Or is that a picture of radio tower or a hammer maybe?


I’m gonna guess the dumpster got there after the arrow did (I hope!)

That still leaves the mystery of what sadistic bastard put it in the STREET.


I just noticed that the 8th Army shoulder patch looks EXACTLY like the “Umbrella Corporation” logo from the movies. The company that destroys the world by making zombies. Just a spooky coincidence?

redneck flower pot

Redneck Flower Pot

(What do you do with your old shoes? Throw them out? How wasteful!)

drunk work car

And this I just can’t figure out. How bad do you have to be to miss the keyhole that many times and so FAR from it? I can see an inch off in the dark… but holy crap. That’s almost up to the window glass!

And it’s a WORK car so I know they weren’t drunk.

At least I hope not…



One thought on “Straight as an Arrow

  1. Patrick says:

    I guess you need a bow tie to be in that lane. My guess on the car is people opening the door with car keys in their hand.


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