Palins Involved in “Drunken Hillbilly Brawl”


September 12, 2014 by JImbo

Palins Involved in “Drunken Hillbilly Brawl”


This sounds like an “Onion” story, but it’s being reported by all the major media outlets.

Hey, shit happens.

Your friends never got in a fight?

How long before cell phone video comes out?


I’m not sure what makes it a “Hillbilly Brawl” exactly.

How is that different from any other fight?

Was it the shirtless kid flipping people off?

If he were black would it suddenly be an “urban brawl” instead?

Why can’t it just be a “fight” or an “altercation?”

I think getting punched in the face is pretty much a universal human experience.





2 thoughts on “Palins Involved in “Drunken Hillbilly Brawl”

  1. And America breathes a collective sigh of relief that it wasn’t our vice president.


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