National Guard Short of Funds…Again


September 12, 2014 by JImbo


National Guard Short of Cash Again- Sep 2014- Army Times

We’ve been through budget crunches before. We’re the red headed step children of the military. Even the Coast Guard has a more reliable budget. However, this time they’re against cancelling drills.

So far they moved the drill to the end of the month. It’s maybe 50/50 it’ll happen at all.

Not a huge issue for me, but some of the younger troops living paycheck to paycheck are getting hit hard.

I wonder where the billions of dollars to go into Iraq and Syria are going to come from.



2 thoughts on “National Guard Short of Funds…Again

  1. Patrick says:

    IT is incomprehensible that we don’t fund our second line of defense better. Haven’t most Guard units been deployed more than once? Training is necessary, without it we run for the hills like the Iraq troops.


    • JImbo says:

      Many of us have deployed more than once. Although that number is going down as they kick people with experience out to be replaced with new recruits. The focus is on RECRUITING RECRUITING RECRUITING and meanwhile we are forcing out just as many people.
      It’s not just replacing numbers anymore. It feels more like a purge.


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