Another Alternative to War


September 12, 2014 by JImbo


This just happened:



“Are we at war, Mr. Secretary?”


Secretary of State John Kerry:

“No, we are engaged in a counter terrorism operation of a significant order.”


SERIOUSLY? THAT was the best you could come up with? I don’t even think that is really a proper sentence.

I was JUST getting used to a “non-committed kinetic contingency operation of unspecified duration.” Now I’ll have to change it again!


Can’t we just go back to fighting real wars?


4 thoughts on “Another Alternative to War

  1. Patrick says:

    How about its a “confagration against bad guys dressed in black with their faces covered up while driving around in confiscated weaponry that we don’t like.”

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  2. Patrick says:

    Correction—“conflagration” I also like the made up word.


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