The Nordic Lecture


September 10, 2014 by JImbo


I keep seeing variations of this over and over. It’s about as prevalent as the whole Australian Minimum Wage thing. Likewise, I think it does a disservice by failing to educate in the interests of advocacy.

WHY does America have a huge military? Could it have anything to do with our allies worldwide CUTTING their military forces to the bone?


In Libya for example, we HAD to join in. (I think it was an awful idea anyway, but…well what’s done is done.)

The air campaign could simply not have happened otherwise. Our allies, especially NATO allies, showed up with basically NOTHING. Just their planes… and lacking fuel and spare parts at that.

No weapons, no tankers, no intelligence assets, no AWACS, NOTHING.

They spend a lot on expensive cool new systems and they spend quite a bit on administrative staff (hey, they’re government jobs and jobs are good right?) They just don’t spend enough on actual AMMO, FUEL and other things required to fight a war. They just ASSUME that we’ll show up and bring the “big guns” and they can tag along on the edges with little risk.


Our allies used OUR weapons stockpiles because theirs are enough for about TWO DAYS of combat. Imagine if Russia really wanted to attack Europe. They already outnumber the NATO forces, and NATO has TWO DAYS of ammo.

Also, probably a week of fuel. Since they don’t produce much (and Russia does) they would be pretty screwed then too. So what keeps Russia from rolling over Europe?

russian bear

The threat of sanctions? Strongly worded letters? Putin’s good will?



That isn’t cheap.

Sure, we could cut our military budget to just .8% of our budget like many of our allies. They can’t even manage the 1% and 2% levels they AGREED ON.

nato defense spending

We spend twice what Europe does on our defense department.

Is that a lot? What is the alternative?

If we cut it back and saved BILLIONS of dollars, then sure we would have lots more money to spend on ourselves too. Of course Europe would disappear (along with Japan, Taiwan, Philippines, Israel, etc.)

Let’s see what else do we spend money on? Oh yeah we pay for 1/4 of the entire United Nations budget. So, we subsidize most of the Third World. Then there’s the billions in foreign aid to other countries. Gonna have to stop that.

Besides that, we spend a TON of money on scholarships and school loans (which are often defaulted on.) In fact, in case you haven’t noticed the entire US school loan system was essentially nationalized under President Obama. Over 85% of the student loans are already government, NOT privately held.

That’s actually a couple years old. It’s closer to 90% now. How they can claim the US system is based on “private” loans I don’t know.

Besides that, we DO spend a lot of money on health, education and welfare.


Health spending in the USA over 2.5 times the average of the rest of the “Developed World.”


Educational Spending 30% higher than the rest of the “Developed World.”


So, if we are criticized for spending “too much” on the military, we COULD cut back 300 billiion dollars. We COULD cut our spending in half. And, we would basically JUST defend the United States. No fighting ISIS, no helping out in Tsunami or Earthquake disaster relief. Just let China take whatever it wants in the Pacific.

As for Europe, wouldn’t they then have to make that missing military spending up? Which means we’d pull even FARTHER ahead on health, education and social spending. So would they then become “evil war mongers?”

Or they could just dispense with their armies altogether and just join Russia. You know… like Ukraine is. They could “voluntarily” let Russia park it’s tanks and troops on their countries just like Ukraine is.


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  1. Patrick says:

    N.A.T.O. “NOT A Tough Organization” addendum- without the US


  2. Thank you once again for some very useful tips. I look forward to more information on your blog


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