The First King of Scotland


September 10, 2014 by JImbo

I rembee when I saw the movie Last King of Scotland I was disappointed. I was hoping to see how they would choose which dynasty to end with. Would the end with Willuam the 2nd or James the 7th?

It was about a two bit African dictator. What a rip off!


Ever since Braveheart, Americans have been fans of an Independent Scotland breaking away from Britain. Before Mel Gibson we really didn’t care to be honest. Even now it is a joke to us.

Yet, for reasons not clearly understood it just may be the biggest joke ever played on Merry Old England!

As late as last month hardly anyone gave thus Independence movement a chance. It was in the same category as the wistful plan by Upstate New Yorkers to sell NYC to New Jersey.

A wonderful dream that sadly will never happen.

Or could it?

Surge of Independence Voters among Young Scots

What is this all about? Many of you probably didn’t even know Scotland wasn’t a country. Cant blame ya. They are a rowdy bunch. They think they are already their own country, like the Duchy of Brooklyn or the Kingdom of Queens.

So here us some background.

Background on the Scottish Independence Vote

I say more power to them! The Scots sound like Upstaters, outnumbered by the city folks in the South and ignored as backwards hicks with more sheep than brains. Well its cows and farming up here bit you get the idea.

Maybe we will get our dream after all! Hey we don’t even want to leave the country. We just want the City to leave our state.

Or make a new state. Were easy. Whichever.

North New York is fine. Or call the city the District of New York. Hey there is both a State and a City of Washington. Why not separate ones for New York too?

As for Scotland, I wonder who will be the First King of Scotland? Well the new Scotland anyway. They kinda killed off the old ones years ago.

I vote for Mel Gibson. Hey why not? Sure he can’t be president as an Australian but there are no citizenship requirements for royalty.

And he has played a Scot on TV.




4 thoughts on “The First King of Scotland

  1. Patrick says:

    How about we go back to each county has two senators, with that NY City would be equal with upstate.


  2. […] Source: The First King of Scotland […]


  3. Isis Cloer says:

    Good work 🙂 cheers!


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