Terrorist Threat “Worse than 9-11” according to Police Official


September 10, 2014 by JImbo

New York City Police Warn About 9-11 Threats

Not quite in this article (although I heard it on the news) was the one police official who went beyond this and claimed “There is more danger NOW due to terrorism than during 9-11!”

That has got to be one of the dumbest statements I’ve ever heard. How can you have more “threat” of a terrorist attack than DURING A TERRORIST ATTACK?

That’s like saying there’s a “really bad chance of rain” during a downpour. How can you get higher than 100%?

When it’s raining, it’s 100% humidity. You can’t get any higher.

When you’re being blown up by terrorists and toppling two of the tallest buildings in the world… you’re at the top. We are NOT in “more danger now.” I don’t care what you say… unless there is an incoming nuclear missile you are NOT topping 9-11.

Even then, it’s still a “threat.” A “threat” just doesn’t match it ACTUALLY HAPPENING.

Who comes up with this shit? Do they sincerely believe the stupid stuff that falls out of their mouth or is it just for the TV cameras? Or do they just not think at all before they speak?

This isn’t the first time hyperbole has caused verbal diarrhea.

Way back in 2002, US Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz made the same claim.He said 9-11 was just a warning of worse to come.

And back in 2013 when the embassies were shut down amidst similar quotes by State Dept and White House spokesmen.

At least Rep. King was a BIT more honest when he said in 2012 that “Al Qaeda is worse than before 9-11.” At least he said the THREAT compared to the THREAT… and said BEFORE 9-11.

Not DURING the attacks.

This scaremongering has got to stop. I know I’m attacked constantly for saying that terrorism isn’t an existential threat to the United States, but it’s NOT. It is bad. It can be deadly.

It’s worth fighting terrorism. It is a global problem. Yet.

Perhaps when the Caliphate gets up and running and they start toppling more countries it may. Hitler started with a rowdy gang in a beer hall in Munich. That wasn’t dangerous.

When he had conquered 90% of Europe and had massive armies at his disposal… that WAS dangerous. That WAS an “existential threat.” Yes, let’s strike them now and “nip it in the bud.”

However, let’s stop with the irrational fear. We don’t have to GUESS who the enemy is. We KNOW.

We don’t have to grope and search each other out of suspicion. We don’t have to tap one another’s phones. Our threat is external. Without an EXTERNAL source, any Islamic malcontents in our own society whither on the vine without support.

Will there be criminals here and there operating on their own? Sure.

Will idiots like the Washington Shooters do their own thing anyway? You bet.

Are they an “existential” threat, or linked to any larger terror “movement?” Not usually.

It will NOT destroy our entire country. It can’t destroy the American people’s morale and freedom.

Only WE can do that to ourselves by giving in to fear.


And spiders.

And Slenderman whatever the hell that is.




4 thoughts on “Terrorist Threat “Worse than 9-11” according to Police Official

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  2. Patrick says:

    I would ad Ebola to the list.


    • JImbo says:

      Good point.
      Plenty of medical screenings of people crossing our borders though… Oh wait. We don’t do that. (Undocumented) immigrants by definition don’t tend to stop by the ICE office and register their children and diseases.


  3. Buford Booth says:

    Good work 🙂 cheers!


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