A Representative not a Politician

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September 9, 2014 by JImbo

I know most folks hate “politics” but much of what I see and comment about isnt just the “game” of politics. It is the effects of real policies on real people. I see those effects every day on people I know personally.

So do you Iif you pay attention. The minimum wage thing isnt just a neat idea or a bad law. It could possibly put dozens of people in my community on the street! It isnt just theoretical.

Then again, it IS theoretical and principled as well. Just as life for you should be lived according to principles, so should our representatives in government stick to principles. Principles transcend issues. They allow you to address issues that you havent foreseen or specifically planned for.

Instead of reinventing the wheel every time and going back to polls endlessly, just stick to what you stand for. If freedom and liberty was good last week why isnt it good now? If you stood for free markets last year why not now? If you were for or against gay marriage last month why are you speaking differently now?

Have the issues changed Mr. Politician? Have you changed?  Or just the polls? Or the amounts your being paid by which lobbyist? Did your Party tell you otherwise? Was the Party more important or your Principles?

That is the difference between a Politician and a Representative of the People. The Politician cares about his party and his powers. He cares about votes.

The Representative cares about the People and moral Principles. He cares about voters.

See the difference?

Thats why I liked seeing Assemblyman Bob Oaks in Subway the other day. No aides. No photographers. No bodyguards.

Just one guy with a notebook sitting in a restaurant surrounded by his constituents. I doubt if half of them even knew he was there. He was a quiet guy sitting in the corner. He doesnt say much.

But he listens. He comes out to events when invited without an entourage, driving his own car. Hes there as a neighbour, not as a celebrity.

I respect that.

I have no political ambitions, but if I did that is the example Id follow. Many of our Founding Fathers were similarly Representatives of the People. Thomas Jefferson was painfully shy in public. George Washington was known for his short speeches and pithy comments.

Men (and women) have always been lured by fame and glory, money and power. That is why it is so imoortant for us to “hire” (vote for) the one with the best character, not just the winning smile or the most money, or the one that brings home the most bacon for his district.

Thats how we got into this whole mess. That is how we ended up with so many Politicians and so few Representatives.

I hope I dont fall into that trap of hubris if this whole blog thing takes off. My intent is to teach, communicate and learn. (And have some funalong the way with interesting peopke!)

That is the only way we survive as a community… by finding the best in one another and seeking the best in ourselves. I try yo find at least one good deed by someone to appreciate every day. Soundscorny but it gives me faith in humanity that there are good peole out there.

There are plenty of folks out there that tell you there arent any good folks left. Dont believe them. Look for yourself. You dont have to be perfect to be good, just trying your best.

Thats why Bob Oaks was my good person of the day yesrerday. I only regret I didnt tell him bat the time. So Bob, thanks for making my day. Keep up the good work.

Now everyone go out and find someone or something to admire today. Thats your homework. You can share it here or not. Up to you. The impirtant thing is to recognize the good in the world more and less of the bad.

Pkenty of folks are all too willing to scream at you about the bad.

And dont forget to tell them if you get the chance.

Bob Oaks



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