Stickin’ It To the Man


September 8, 2014 by JImbo


The Pentagon gave local cops nearly 12,000 bayonets over the past 8 years

There’s a joke that goes:

“The Nazis went into a town, killed 367 Jews and a Kitten.”

People invariably ask “Why a Kitten?”

This is how I felt this article was titled. They don’t mind the 79,000 machine guns handed out.

It’s the 12,000 bayonets that everyone looks at.

Granted, I’m curious too as to why cops need bayonets and combat knives to mount on the end of their rifles. Has the SWAT team EVER done a bayonet charge? I’d kinda pay to see that honestly.

Do we really NEED armored vehicles and grenade launchers in the hands of our police?

They DO know they can call the National Guard for help on request right? That’s what they always used to do. Or the Feds.

This is getting crazy.

What’s next? Disarming our troops and trying to arrest terrorists instead of shooting them?

Oh wait… he HAS suggested that.


One thought on “Stickin’ It To the Man

  1. Patrick says:

    Seriously, BAYONETS!?


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