Grim Employment Picture (Sean Lahman of the Democrat and Chronicle)


September 8, 2014 by JImbo

Grim Unemployment Picture D&C 9-8-14

This guy really nails it. Hes responding to an article showing Governor Cuomo at a Superconductor plant opening said to “create 500 new jobs for New York State!”

Of course as a politician the Governor is always counting “new” jobs… but not the up to 10% of the population that has LEFT New York in the past decade. Adding even 10,000 new jobs is just not going to offset losing TWO MILLION PEOPLE. Most of them are WORKERS since NYS has a very generous welfare system and poor people can rarely afford to move anyway. In fact, it may be even more WORKERS than that since there have been immigrants coming up to NYS from Southern states where there is less generous welfare benefits.

Some of it is the weather I suppose, but we’re used to that. The taxes here are simply too damn high. With higher taxes go higher costs for everything. In fact, a guy created his own party and ran for office last time on the “Rent Too Damn High” Ticket. I kid you not.


I was more of a “Vermin Supreme” supporter, but he was a candidate for President, not Governor.


Anyway, how about we talk about the mass exodus from New York, Mr. Governor? It’s directly in response to your policies, which are just the past high-tax policies ON CRACK. Where are people going after all? Well, i can tell you.

Southern states with low taxes.

You think it’s a coincidence that NYers are heading towards Texas, Florida and North Carolina?

We have plenty of beer and confederate flags up here too.

-Lower Taxes

-Less Government “Fees”

-Less Regulation

As more and more of the people I grew up with head South, it looks more and more tempting. At a certain point the state won’t be recognizable anymore. I’m not exactly sure where the “death spiral” begins, but it’s soon.

At that point there just won’t be enough taxpayers to support the welfare state, no matter how high the taxes go. What happens when the taxpayers just can’t PAY anymore? What happens when they have to cut welfare benefits and there’s riots in the streets?

I really don’t see a Federal Bailout happening. Too many “Red” states are going to flip Uncle Sam the middle finger. I think we learned our lesson with the 2008 “Bailout” fiasco. Banks and car companies were bad enough, but whole STATES?

What happens when the States just refuse to listen to the Feds? Isn’t that what happened in the 1860s? Just spitballin’ here but a bunch of Southern states declaring themselves sovereign and a bunch of Northern states trying to bring them back under Federal control sounds a might familiar.

Just thinkin’ out loud. I sure hope it doesn’t come to that.

Aw hell, we might just have a financial collapse on a global level well before that happens. Or maybe terrorists will take out the power grid with cyber-attacks or an EMP. Then we’ll all be livin’ in the Stone Age anyway.

Goddamn that’s a depressing thought. I’m gonna go grab a beer. Someone cheer me up or somethin’.

Send some cute kitten pictures or photos of Obama playing golf (the more he’s on the course the less he can screw up in Washington.)












3 thoughts on “Grim Employment Picture (Sean Lahman of the Democrat and Chronicle)

  1. Patrick says:

    Read a survey this summer about NY. 64% of those surveyed would leave NY if they had the funds to do it. I’m guessing head in the sand Cuomo would not have seen it. Lets say to heck with current business owners and court non-paying ones for ten years!


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