Star Wars IMPs- A Fan-made Film


September 7, 2014 by JImbo


This is actually pretty neat. I think they did a GREAT job of recreating the Star Wars universe in their own fan film/series.

The attempt for “authenticity” was amazing. Yeah, I know it’s still science fiction but I’ve always figured that once the “tech” is out of it, it’s all about the characters… the people… and telling a story right? 

People are people so they act pretty much the same. Military is military. They aren’t half bad at getting the “little stuff” right. Not just the CGI and “cool” effects, but the lingo, the banter, the procedures. 

It actually made me realize just how much work and training would go into a space fleet and all the operations that go with it. I know what goes into a military operation today, and that’s just one one small part of one planet. With basically the same sorts of guns, trucks, tanks with minor differences.

Imagine all the other things you’d have to know with aliens, lasers, spaceships, etc. The “Stormtroopers” would actually be pretty well trained and experienced all things considered. They were cannon fodder sure, but not the faceless, nameless pseudo-robots that they’re thought to be.

2 thoughts on “Star Wars IMPs- A Fan-made Film

  1. Patrick says:

    The narrator sounds like the old Optimus Prime from the transformers.


  2. JImbo says:

    Could be. I couldn’t find much more information on it. Was hoping they would make a sequel.


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