Porky’s Revenge


September 7, 2014 by JImbo

What is it about men and women that we read situations in such entirely different ways? Take the latest “sexist” remark that NY Senator Kirsten Gillibrand is claiming happened her. According to her new book:

“Many of my older male colleagues felt compelled to offer advice, such as this gem: ‘Good thing you’re working out, because you wouldn’t want to get porky!’

Granted I wasn’t there, but if that’s the comment that was made… is it that bad? REALLY? I seriously don’t see it as that offensive.

GUYS say crap like that to one another all the time. In fact, so do WOMEN. There’s just some huge taboo if they say it to EACH OTHER.

What if he’d said it to another guy? What would have happened? I can only imagine.


Yes, that’s the my crappy doodlings. Go ahead and laugh, chubbo.

I love ya, man.

I can’t see any reason she brought this up NOW from years ago unless it was to sell books. Honestly, have you ever heard of her before? Were you lining up to buy her memoirs? Has she even done anything worthy of “memoirs?

As far as I can tell as the Junior Senator all she’s done is voted the way Senior Senator Chuck Schumer told her to. Again, not a sexist thing. He just goes to extreme lengths to make sure everyone knows “I’m Chuck Motha-Luvin’ Schumer.”

I wonder if there’s anything in there about how mean ol’ Chuckie is. I doubt it. She doesn’t name anyone in the earlier passage either. Just anonymous “older men.”

I’d see what else is in there but it really sounds boring and made up. Rather like Hillary Clinton’s memoirs. What have either of them really done that we’d want to read about?

Screw up in the Senate? Screw up in Libya? Screw up in Russia? Screw up in Iraq or Afghanistan? Screw up in China? Not get shot at in Bosnia and then claim you were?

Again, it’s not that they’re women. Most MEN are unworthy of “memoirs” too. In fact most of the population has nothing worth writing about happen in their lives.

However, those other people don’t get books made no one wants to read and then try to exaggerate or make shit up to sell them.

Hey, I’ve been to war twice. I’ve been to foreign countries. I have a twisted sense of humor and a circle of friends that would rival anything on a “quirky” TV sitcom. Guess I’ll just write a book too.

The sad thing is anything I made up would sound more believable compared to some of the stuff I’ve seen =-)




2 thoughts on “Porky’s Revenge

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  2. Patrick says:

    She also used to be in favor of the 2nd amendment but has been told differently by the democratic elite.


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