Goblinquest: A Book Review

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September 7, 2014 by JImbo



Goblinquest Book Review

While it won’t be confused for “serious literature”, this was  more fun to read than Dante’s Inferno or Melville’s Moby Dick.

A LOT more fun.

Essentially the whole theme of the book is to show what an “epic adventure” is like from the point of view of an average lowly goblin. Alright well not exactly. MOST goblins would be hacked to pieces on page 7 by the adventurers. Obviously “Jig” the Goblin is not an ORDINARY goblin.

He does bring a different perspective to the action however. For example to him a kitchen knife without rust on it is a treasured weapon. His greatest threat isn’t some undead necromancer. It’s the old fat cook who runs the kitchen. And running away is a perfectly INTELLIGENT way to respond to a dragon!

The book (well series now) is a send-up to many well-worn tropes we simply accept in our adventure takes. For example, why is it a GOOD thing to go out and fight a dragon? Isn’t it smarter to stay home and not probably die?

Why is there always an elf, a dwarf and a human in the party?

Why is there always a thief, a cleric, a magician and a fighter in every party?

Why is everyone always after treasure?

And why isn’t it considered impolite to barge into an occupied dungeon and start breaking and stealing things? That’s sorta racist isn’t it? Are we just cheering on racist bullies and thieves?

Not that Jig is himself a paragon of virtue. He’s all for stealing and such. He just thinks it’s hypocritical to not be HONEST about it. Gobins don’t pretend to be noble and “good” while looting the bodies of people they kill.

It’s a thought provoking as well as funny book. It helps if you’re read or seen some fantasy books and movies.

I look forward to finding the next installment. My only concern is if Jig starts to get too “un-Goblin.” The Goblins are portrayed as a sort of “noble savage” who are kept down by “the man.” For example the Goblins learn English (“Common”) as the language of the world, but no one bothers to learn Goblin. So, having Jig adopt the manners and lifestyle of the adventurers seems a bit too much like the whole idea that “The Bloody Africans would be okay if they’d just act like Englishmen!”

Or maybe I’m reading WAY too much into it as usual.

Anyone else read it?

Am I way off base here?


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