US Judge Taking a Hard Line With Microsoft


September 6, 2014 by JImbo


Judge Mulls Contempt Charges for Microsoft for Failing to Turn Over Irish Data to US Authorities


It seems pretty obvious to me. If you have something in another country the US government shouldn’t have access to it. I know there’s “legal precedent here.” We bullied the Swiss banks already and the banks in the Caribbean. It doesn’t mean it’s right.

I don’t like a LOT of what Microsoft does, but as I’ve said before you have to support principles even when you don’t support the people involved. If a total jerk I know is mugged, it’s still wrong. It doesn’t become “okay” because he’s a jerk. It doesn’t become “acceptable” if a bunch of people are mugged.

Likewise, this is a server located in Ireland. We have existing extradition laws that cover other things such as people, boats, etc. If a criminal hops a boat to Ireland after committing a crime here, we can have him sent back along with his property.

However, this is different. This is demanding the US Company does it. That’s not right. You have to ask the Irish government and THEY do it in THEIR country. It’s the principle of the thing.

We would be insanely angry if other countries did this to us. If Irish cops were confiscating property without bothering to ask us first we’d be mad. If Cuba were randomly killing people with drone strikes in Florida we’d be more than a little upset.

“Because we can” is not a good excuse.




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