Wallington Bog and Grog

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September 5, 2014 by JImbo


It’s almost that time again! Bog and Grog at the Wallington Fire Dept in Upstate NY.

It promises to be a great day for muddin’.

Hell, EVERY day is great for it. If the sun shines, it’s great.

If it rains that just means more mud!

What is the Bog and Grog?

Well BOG as in a huge mud pit.

GROG as in you drink (and eat).

Then there’s a huge crowd, music, vendors, just a rip roarin’ good time!

school-bus-in-mud traffic-jam-in-the-bog jeep-in-the-trench051709_15301

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Wallington Bog and Grog on Facebook

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Official Wallington Fire Dept Webpage

chris oldies wallington formation wallington marching

Wallington FD on Facebook

Wallington does the Bogs twice a year as the biggest fundraisers for the Volunteer Fire Company. You get to not only have FUN, but you can also HELP THE COMMUNITY as well! If you did the ALS Icewater thing that’s fine and all, but it just doesn’t compare to the community involvement here.

And if you’re gonna get wet anyway, why not get dirty too?


Videos of bogs from TheOutlawVideoSS on Youtube





Extra Muddy Extra Fun


Not exactly what most people think of when you hear “New York” but THIS is what 95% of the state IS. That tiny cluster of buildings on the very edge of New Jersey is hardly what our state is about (although they like to pretend that it is down there.)


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