“Common Core” is the “New Math” of This Generation


September 5, 2014 by JImbo

 How to Add… the “Common Core” Way

I know this has been making the rounds on TV shows. This has to be one of the stupidest ways to do things I’ve seen in awhile.Well, not QUITE as bad as the “New Math” they tried a few years back that failed just as horribly.

Why are kids “not comfortable” with 9+6? Did they do polls or something? What the hell is wrong with the old way that took all of maybe 3 seconds?

I’m wondering if this is why they need to take cursive out of the school system. Maybe they need that extra time to do extra SLOW math problems. Of course, ensuring our kids can’t read the Constitution or any historical documents is just a side benefit.

Hey, at least this isn’t QUITE as bad as the old CSMP boards. Remember those anyone?

The Number “9,067” on “mini-computer boards.” The white box is “1”, the red box is “2”, the purple box is “4” and the brown box is “8” You add up the number of squares with dots and that’s the number you get, then line the boards up. I think there’s a part where there’s multiple dots and stuff too but you get the idea. Failure from the start, but they had to “Progress” and all those “old fashioned” ways of doing Math were obsolete!

I still have nightmares from that. SUCH a dumb idea. Why are our kids always used as guinea pigs?

It was a HORRIBLE, HORRIBLE idea to handicap our kids in the interests of “progress.” It’s STILL a bad idea.

Progress doesn’t always mean “better.” It means heading towards something. Sometimes that thing it’s heading towards is FAILURE.

Of course it’s not a failure to those who lobbied for it. If your measure isn’t students learning then things change. If your measure is “How much money can I make off this” then that’s an entirely different math problem!

Let’s see.

For starters test companies like Pearsons are going to charge $10-20 per test per pupil… 8-10 times a year. That’s NEW testing, in ADDITION to local testing. $80-$200 a student a year may not sound like much but given 60 million kids… that’s a NEW market of potentially billions of dollars.

Gotta take em on computers and store that data. Guess what computer companies are stepping in to help with that? You guessed it. Microsoft and Google. And maybe Apple.

That’s just the tests. There’s so much material to teach TO the test as well! Textbooks, tablets, posters, websites…

When there are only a handful of companies out there with the marketing and reach to DO these jobs, you know the same few companies will get the biggest contracts.

Remember how there was a huge uproar about how “Halliburton” got all those government contracts for building US bases in Iraq and Afghanistan? Well they got them because they said “Look, we’re big and have the resources and experience to build these huge bases in the middle of nowhere. So, you hire us or you’re screwed.” 

Same thing with these guys. When schools need something they’re going to go with the HUGE offerings from Microsoft, Google and Pearson’s. You can bet there won’t even be bids in most cases. Just “Well they’re big. I know the name Google. I use it on my Internet thingy!”

This is NOT about education. It’s about MONEY and POWER. (The standards aren’t written at your school, or even in your state. They’re written in Washington by lobbyists… not teachers or parents.)

Last time around parents and teachers were smart enough to know that “mini computer boards” with squares and dots weren’t going to teach Timmy how to add and subtract. They rejected them and they went down faster than Jim Kelly with a knee injury in the Super Bowl.

What about this time around? Well, this is where you make a difference. I believe 10 states have rejected Common Core now. It’s confusing since some have “downgraded their participation” (whatever that means) and others have tried to relabel it into something else when parents and teachers protested it.

This is a good group to check for the latest updates.

Don’t take my word for it.

Do your own research.

Get educated.

Make your own decision.

Before our kids aren’t able to.


2 thoughts on ““Common Core” is the “New Math” of This Generation

  1. Patrick says:

    Glad I don’t have to do this crap. I tried to show my grandfather new math from the 60’s. He scratched his head and did it twice as fast as I. He graduated in the 30’s! The more people involved the stupider it becomes.


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