The List of Pointless Websites Actually Comes In Useful!


September 5, 2014 by JImbo

I know I just posted on these links, but one of them was just MUCH more useful than the others.

It wasn’t “useless” or “pointless.” I think it DID have a point! What do you think?

The Nicest Place on The Internet

(Free Hugs!)


No, I’m not kidding.

It’s a page that is entirely videos of people smiling, hugging you and saying nice things.

I think you should bookmark this RIGHT NOW and save it for a bad day.

Seriously. I think this will be what my next “Suicide Awareness” class will be on.

“If you feel bad, go to this website. The end. Any questions?”

Thank you editor of the “Bullshit Wiki” for showing it to me.

You rock.


(And the “Rainy Day Sounds” thing was pretty cool too. That’ll make a great “white noise” thing for people who have trouble sleeping. Again… no lie. It’s actually USEFUL!)




3 thoughts on “The List of Pointless Websites Actually Comes In Useful!

  1. story medic says:

    That’s an awesome website. Thanks for the share. Can I also ask you if you’ve been having much success with the volume of tags/categories each of your posts use? 90% of my posts are uncategorised, so I’m just wondering if they help you out for SEO purposes.


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