Mud Lovin’ Rednecks… “Reality TV for Rednecks”?


September 3, 2014 by JImbo

There’s something very familiar about running a “Bog.” My volunteer Fire Dept runs a couple every year as a fund raiser. There are plenty around here. There are even clubs of enthusiasts who get together to build their own monster trucks as a hobby and run them through “Pits” all the time.

So, I’m not sure what to make of this attempt at the “Redneck Real World.”

I know advertisers are seeing the value of the Redneck demographic. Look at all the rather non-country advertising at NASCAR events and all the other shows that have cashed in. (They have Big Footin’ Rednecks, Ghost Hunting Rednecks, Nature Channel Rednecks, even Southern versions of survivor shows and wedding shows.

This is a bit different. It’s not just a remake of something else with “Redneck” slapped on it and a few people with no shirts drawling. It DOES seem pretty country. Those ARE things we do (even those of us country folks who live north of the Mason Dixon line.)

There’s just something… I dunno… ODD about it. Granted people are different. I don’t KNOW these people.

However, some of the stereotypes seem a bit overplayed.

For example, the girls on one episode claim they have “never had wine.” Are you SHITTING me? Who has not had wine?

Strawberry, Dandelion, “Box”, NOTHING?

Hmmmmm. Sounds fishy. I just can’t believe that JUST because they run a mud pit they’ve never had a sip of wine. It seemed like a contrived chance to play on stereotypes to bring the effeminate “wine taster” guy in and show how uncultured they were.

I know it was supposed to be funny. It just came off as too fake. It sorta broke that whole “fourth wall” where you suspend disbelief and pretend that SOMETHING on TV is “real.”

The “problems” seem fake too. No self-respecting redneck would try to put monster tires on a bus and not MEASURE FIRST. No friggin’ way. You mean they build bog monsters for YEARS and then suddenly “oh we forgot how to put big tired on a bus?” 


I know it’s just TV. I know it’s made up. Still, I know there’s so much AWESOME stuff they could show. Bogs are a great time. They’re ton’s of fun.

There’s always Readneck Geniuses coming up with all sorts of great ideas. You don’t need to CREATE drama. Just roll a camera and LET IT ROLL!

They took a great idea and “Honey Boo Booed” it.

Damn you Hollywood!



3 thoughts on “Mud Lovin’ Rednecks… “Reality TV for Rednecks”?

  1. JImbo says:

    Got a reply from Mark Therrien (@marktherrien on Twitter) about my post.

    @readneck review: I have to be honest… I find your redneck “authenticity” to be off after reading your site… have you ever been to alabama?

    @readneck review: there is no way I can write more than half the stuff that we film.. its unbelievable and its 100% authentic

    @readneck review: Im not sure where you are from but where they live its bud light or bust

    @readneck review: nice article buddy I promise they have never had wine and even I could not believe he didn’t measure the tires on the bus


  2. Patrick says:

    I’m guessing some of your readers might not know what a Bog & Grog is. Maybe you should enlighten them?


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