Hiro the Japanese Redneck


September 3, 2014 by JImbo



I hate going to interesting looking blogs only to find them ending after only a few posts. It’s so disappointing! So I was doubly disappointed when I ran across ‘Hiro the Japanese Redneck” and it ended in 2011!!!


My favorite “Hiro” story was “Redneck Hiro and the Peach Adventure.”

Some stories are just great in any language.

“We do into rice fields which is muddy. He don’t like it. Then show him moon.”


He has such a way with words. And the illustrations!


Now THAT friends is a Redneck, Japanese or not!

Or another classic story:

“Redneck Hiro’s Home Entertainment System”

Redneck Hiro making good use of all available resources

 redneck hiro entertainment 1

Where we lived, far from the t.v. station. Only pick up three channels. For one of them, antenna had to be high and in right place. When I hold antenna up, picture clear. My oldest one, Midori-in third grade. She was tallest one of my kids. I told her, “Midori, hold antenna. Stand on the table. Pick up high. That’s it! Ok. Hold on.” Midori think only few minutes but only time I let her rest, in commercial. “Ok, you can rest.” She asked me, “Daddy, how long do I have to hold this?” I answered her, “Sorry, little more. If I win, I pay you $5.00.” Her eyes brighten up. Very seldom they get paid. She shut up and changed hand holding antenna. I said to daughter #2, “Ok Sayoko, change channel. I give you one dollar.” Sayoko ask me, “Daddy, why Midori get five?” I said, “Midori’s job hard. She get tired. You just change channel.” When I come home after work, I take over tv. Both of them. Wife think too selfish but I told them, “When you own house, you do same. I won’t take over channel.” Saturday is cartoon day. Also college football day. I bet on so I like to watch. I teach my kids put socks on my feet. I have a good reason. I told my girls, “Do you know, I can put socks on myself. But you girls some day married. Do this for your husbands. Then I bet they never dump you. Not too many Amercian girls know how. You kids lucky. I teach you.” My wife did for me but train kid at younger age, easier. They don’t mind to that. They HATE I took all channels. They found out Saturday afternoon, stay home have to hold antennae and change channels. I lost antenna holder and channel changer. I move chair close to tv. stick antenna to bonsai pot. Juniper growing. No kids. I have to rearrange set up. I may be worthless dad and husband. I have reason. Whoever they find to marry, they should appreciate and have happy married life.

 redneck hiro 2

AHHH! Peace and Quiet and No Kids! 

(Redneck Genius!)

To quote Hiro (wherever he may be)

“Being a redneck isn’t something you go out and try to be, you just naturally are one. Being a redneck is not restricted to the south either. It’s an international thing. I think after you read my stories, you will agree…”

Some things are just worth keeping. I’m going to archive these stories in case anything happens to his account. I hope nothing happened to Hiro =-(

Come back to us, Hiro! Share more stories with us!



2 thoughts on “Hiro the Japanese Redneck

  1. JImbo says:

    Maybe we can convince him to start it up again.


  2. Patrick says:

    He would qualify as a redneck in my book.


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