Common Ground Isn’t Compromise


September 3, 2014 by JImbo

A very interesting point brought up today by TV/Radio Host Dana Loesch (@DLoesch on Twitter):

“Common ground isn’t Compromise. They are not the same thing. They are completely different.”

I hadn’t really thought about it exactly that way before. People do often confuse them.

Common Ground is when you both agree on something already and work together on that one thing (even if you disagree with them on EVERYTHING else)

Compromise is when you don’t fully agree on something but you are willing to both be unhappy to get part of what you want.

I can see how “Compromise” does involve in effect “losing halfway in order to win half way.” However, Common Ground isn’t losing. It’s simply looking past what you DON’T agree on and simply working together where you DO agree. Neither of you is giving up anything. You’re simply narrowing your focus to one specific purpose.

For example, I am sure I don’t agree on most things with that hippie dude I posted a video of a week ago. However, when it comes to dumb foreign policy gaffes and the going against “Big Brother” wire tapping then I will work with him 100%.

I’m sure we disagree on MOST other things. Then again *shrugs* Who knows? How many people do you reject even TALKING to because you “won’t have anything in common?”

How do you know if you don’t ask? I’m not saying you have to be bosom buddies, but you can at least TALK. We’ll never save this country from corruption, greed and partisan civil war without working together on SOME things.








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