The Slowest “Rapid Response” in History


September 2, 2014 by JImbo

Putin Claims he could “Take Kiev in 2 Weeks”… (if he really really wanted to that is)

Not that he needs to. The Russian Army and heavily armed/subsidized “Pro-Russian Rebels” are doing just fine on the “down low.” They are taking swathes of territory while keeping it “low key.” As I’ve said before there just may be something to this “Passive Aggression” policy.

If you don’t CALL it a war, then everyone just pretends it’s not and looks the other way. Maybe it’s like water. if you jump in from high up and make a big splash people notice and get mad. If you just slip into the shallow end, no one even notices.

In the olden days we’d be hypersensitive to Russian tanks rolling across Europe again. However, it seems to be almost seen as inevitable. This is making our small Eastern European allies VERY nervous.

NATO’s response? “Study putting together a 4,000-person “Rapid Response Force.”

Not DO it.

Just LOOK AT doing it.

Just in case. 

Wait… don’t they already HAVE one of those?

Why… YES,

Yes they do!

They have FIVE “Rapid Reaction Forces” in Europe at the very least.

The NATO Rapid Response Force is already in existence with up to 25,000 members on standby. It even (ironically) has a UKRAINIAN contingent.

There’s also the Franco-German Brigade of about 5,000 personnel.

The Eurocorps has about 1,000 more troops.

Then we have our own US Army 173rd Airborne Brigade Combat Team in Italy with another 3,500 men.

There’s also the “Combined Joint Expeditionary Task Force” (CJET) between Britain and France (admittedly still in the beginning phase)

Even without the CJET and without any outside reinforcement (for example the US Marines with the Mediterranean or Atlantic Fleets or the US Army Special Forces teams there, etc) That’s also not including the OTHER troops we have in Europe like the 2nd Cavalry or 12th Combat Aviation Brigade, etc. Two US Army Brigades tagged for Europe are ready to go within 72 hours at all times.

But, let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. Let’s take them at their word. They only said “Rapid Reaction Force.”

If we JUST take the self-styled “Rapid Reaction Forces” in Europe RIGHT NOW, there are already about 35,000 troops “ready to go within 48 hours notice.” There have been for at least 10 years now.

Now we have to either believe that NATO “forgot” that there are 35,000 combat ready troops ready to deploy…. or that they’re stalling.

Which do YOU think it is?



2 thoughts on “The Slowest “Rapid Response” in History

  1. Patrick says:

    Won’t do any good , Putin said he could take Kiev in two weeks if he wanted to. Or maybe that was taken out of context? hummm.


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