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September 2, 2014 by JImbo

I’m pleasantly surprised by the people that have written to me and said they are taking steps to be more active in their communities. That’s what this is all about… educating people and encouraging them to become positive, active citizens! Well that and have some goofy fun. (More on that later. I gotta tell you guys about my fun day at Hobby Lobby)

Anyway, if you have something you really want to get off your chest, or an event or cause or project you want to promote, or you have a new book out or a new business, let me know! I’m always eager to help improve our community.

Within limits, even if it’s something I don’t support or approve of, let me know and I’d still like to give you a chance to put it up here. Send it to me and I can throw it up for people to find.

Be advised that I’m all for FREE DISCUSSION however, so be prepared for feedback… positive AND negative! I’ll still put it up and put your name on it. It’ll be your baby.

So go ahead.

Make a difference.

Become a leader.

Educate others!

That’s why this isn’t called “Jimbo’s Blog” or “My Thoughts On Everything Because I’m So Damn Awesome.”

Any of you “Readnecks” out there can speak up. I’m the owner and editor, but I’ve always wanted to develop a community of freethinkers willing to step outside the box.

There’s always the “comment” button to put in your two cents as well.

I see we’re over 200 members now. That’s great! Now find your voices and let’s see if we can solve the world’s problems one insane idea at a time.

(Or at least amuse ourselves and rant to one another.)

Like these guys:

(My dream job)





3 thoughts on “Be My Guest!

  1. Patrick says:

    Can’t we take US passports away from jihadists from here so they won;t come back, or is it against the law?


  2. JImbo says:

    The Brits are debating that issue right now. Presumably anything that the gov’t issues can be taken away. (That’s why your RIGHTS aren’t from the gov’t.) Being guilty of treason would be enough reason to have them taken away.
    The problem is PROVING it.
    Not a ton of witnesses for many of these “sleepers” coming back.
    The ones that post their exploits on Facebook maybe.
    However, the ones like the Tsarnaev brothers in Boston… they just went, came back and kept it hidden.
    But yes, if you can charge them with treason you can take their passports (and toss them in jail for trial)
    Less evidence than that and no…

    How about we at least stop the “Express VISA” programs from key Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and Indonesia? They get LESS scrutiny than visitors and immigrants from Ireland, Australia or Peru.

    In fact, that’s how the terrorist they “accidentally” found at the Boston bombings got into the country…. despite being on a NO FLY LIST for 3 separate “terrorist violations.” Remember the Saudi “student” Al-Harbi who never went to the school he applied to and lived 3 blocks away from the Tsarnaev brothers? Happened to be at the event near one of the bombs that went off? Was hospitalized and shipped home via private jet the day after the Saudi Foreign Minister met with President Obama? The one that Michelle Obama made a special trip to see?

    Hey, I dunno if maybe he was a double agent and was really working for us… or Saudi Arabia… whatever. I do know that the documents listing him as a “proven terrorist.”

    Al Harbi on list of “Individuals with known terrorist ties”

    Al Harbi and Family- Pictures at White House and in Hospital Room

    Apparently this wasn’t enough to stop the guy from getting “privileged” status into the country. So, I’m not sure how effective it would be grabbing passports. If we’re not prosecuting KNOWN terrorists, do you think they’ll bother with SUSPECTED terrorists?


  3. Good work 🙂 cheers!


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